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Amazing! Doing the Stencyl community proud!!

Good stuff Domo. Keep up the good work!

Domo76 responds:

Thank you so much, Decaf! :-)

Very unique and fun game! A couple of difficulty spikes here and there (sux to go backwards!!!) but overall really enjoyable.

Took me a bit to get use to the controls and hitting some of the smaller enemies but once I got the hang of it and got some upgrades going the game really become fun.

I agree with PereDM, making your bullets a tad bigger would help, or make that an upgrade. Also some more effects would be nice. Fun game, I'll will definitely be playing this some more.

MatKrulli responds:

Oh, I didn't even think about bigger bullets as an upgrade. Now that *would* be considerably nice indeed. Heck, how did I miss that?

As for the effects, we had a little bit of a hard time getting all those to work(I mean, this game was developed on a pretty much non-existent budget), so sorry about that =(

Still, if the campaign goes through, there will be a super-prologue being developed, in the same style as this prologue, but with all the extra content from the next main game, and I'll certainly publish it here once it's launched(there's a tier for receiving it early, but once the next game is launched, the super-prologue will become free).

Anyway, it seems people *would* indeed like a game with more effects, at least in this style, so we'll certainly do that if the campaign goes through. It'll also be nice to be able to work with a main branch of more serious games, starting with the next one and a spin-off branch of more arcade-y ones ^^

Very fun game! I like the art and the gravity effects

nice puzzle game with good effects and a slick UI. I have not experienced any of the lag that another review mentioned.

Some more backgrounds would be nice and some more music tracks

Very good game jam game! There is a pretty big difficulty spike in level 3. After I got through it the next levels were a little easier then the whole game was over :( I wanted more!

It's a nice simple game that I feel you could turn into a really good full game. More levels, tighten the controls a bit, more music, SFX.

imperfectgames responds:

Thanks, decafpanda!
Haha, yeah, I can see the spike, I guess being the only tester made me better at the game and therefore less prone to difficulty increase. :)

A fun game, I like the art. Are there more levels or is this one it? It would be cool if there was a way to "win" the level with a certain score which would send you to a different swamp. Just to change up the scenery.

the controls are extremely unresponsive. Sometimes if I tap the over arrow just slightly the character continues to move after I let go of the button. Sometimes (actually more like a lot of times) when the character lands from a jump, he continues to move forward usually to his death. Sometime when I press the jump button the character does nothing at all. Poor controls like this are a death sentence for a game that is a one hit, game over type of platformer. The controls need to be precise. Every death I incurred felt cheap and due to the controls.

I've been playing all day today and this is the only game that is unresponsive so it must be the programming.

No sound effects? Barely any animations? No music? This is what makes the game "unpolished"

CBgamerdude responds:

Yeah, I'm sorry but this sounds like a problem with YOUR setup. I have tested the game on fifteen different systems and experienced none of the problems you are describing. also the game includes two songs, fifteen different sound effects, and over thirty animations. I would appreciate it if you would address the issues with your setup instead of with the project I have spent countless hours refining.

Very well done. Great art and sound design. It doesn't overstay it's welcome either. Short and sweet

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